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St. Marks Academy is  a private day primary school registered under the Ministry of Education in Kenya. It was registered in 2004. The school is currently under the management of The Fountain Schools.
Location of St. Marks Academy

Location of St. Marks Academy

St. Marks Academy is located in a serene, accessible environment, behind Kobil Petrol Station (opp. KCB), approximately 50 metres off Magadi Road, in Ongata Rongai in Kajiado County, Kenya.

School Levels

St. Marks Academy has a capacity of 355 pupils, with both pre-school (baby class, nursery, pre-unit) and primary school (classes 1 to 8) levels.

Pre-school Level

Before 1980 preschool education, which caters to children between one and six years of age, was exclusively the responsibility of local communities and Non Governmental Organizations such as churches, community based organizations, local authorities, and individual investors. Today, the government has taken an active role in the training of preschool teachers, the preparation and development of the curriculum, and the preparation of teaching and learning materials. St. Marks Academy has a well established pre-school section. The  section consists of the following classes: a) Baby class, b) Nursery and c) Pre-unit. Each class has a capacity of 25 kids. In total, the pre-school level has a capacity of 75 kids.

Primary School Level

St. Marks Academy primary school level consists of classes 1 to 8. The school is one-stream, meaning  the school has only 1 class per year. Each class consists of a maximum of 35 pupils. This is within the international standard provisions of teacher-pupil ratio, namely 42:1 (42 pupils: 1 teacher).


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